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Lithuanian Player Camp in Academy

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This week my 147academy welcomed International Lithuanian Snooker player Andrej Maksimov for a Snooker Training Camp in the Ivy Rooms Snooker Club, Carlow in Ireland.

Andrej has represented Lithuania at many European and World Championships over the years and he travelled this week to get professional coaching to fine tune his game ahead of the Lithuanian National Championships next month.

I worked on developing a smoother stroke in his cue action and delivery plus we practiced key academy routines to work on his shot selection, break building, potting skills and line of aim.

  • Another International in Academy

Andrej is also a current EBSA Qualified Coach in Lithuania and it was fantastic to have another International player in my 147academy and I am looking forward in helping Andrej develop his game more. I designed a new training plan plus worked on the tactical side of his game to help him prepare for the upcoming National and European Championship.

  • New Training Plan

Andrej was videoed during each session and he brings home CD's with all the action from the sessions plus a technique profile and training program to study covering all the routines in the three main areas Technique, Mental and Scoring. Andrej “said it is was great to come over to Ireland and receive Coaching from PJ as he is very professional."

  • Good Luck

The 147academy would like to thank Andrej for coming over to Ireland and I wish him well and I hope Andrej becomes more confident about all areas of his game after this camp.