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Training Camp in France

French Coaching Camp - PJ Nolan French Coaching Camp - PJ Nolan
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Last weekend my 147academy traveled to France to hold a coaching camp in the Academia de Billiard in the beautiful city of Saint Quentin in Northern France.  The players who attended were Frederic Dieupart, Clement Mothurel, Juliette Proix, Jean Christophe Delphin, Raphael Pontalli, Christophe Coutant, Ahmed Bendela, Jean Marc Beauchamp, Guillaume Francant, Nicolas and Thomas Mortreux.

All the players were recorded and they practiced Cue Ball Control and Safety routines.  I worked on fine tuning good fundamentals in their playing techniques by analyzing their videos and I gave the players a new training program to practice. Among the players was Nicolas Mortreux who is one of the leading young juniors in Europe. During this camp my role was to prepare him for the upcoming IBSF U-18 and U-21 World Championships in Belgium and his attitude and performance was excellent. 

Each player received a DVD of their action from the camp plus a player profile that outlines what is needed next to improve even more. All the players also received a sports psychology audio to help with their mind fitness

I would like to thank Isabelle & Yannick Mortreux for arranging the camp and all their assistance throughout the weekend. I would like to also thank the Club for inviting me to France as it was a pleasure training their players as their commitment was superb.  The players really improve their cue ball control and I hope they continue to practice properly to improve more. Finally I would like to wish Nicolas good luck in the World IBSF U-18 & U-21 Championships next month.