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German trains in Ireland

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My 147 Academy welcomed German Snooker Tour player Carl Rosenberger from Munich Bavaria who travelled to Ireland to attend a two day snooker training camp with me in the Ivy Rooms Snooker Club in Carlow. Carl competed in the recent IBSF World Championships in Sofia Bulgaria last November and he wanted to train and improve his game to a next level. Carl is a member of the Muenchener Snooker Club, Eching, in Munich said he was very impressed with the coaching he received. Snooker all over Germany is at an all-time high due to all the new PTC's and the Eurosport TV Coverage of World Snooker Events.

Carl trained from 10.00am - 5.30pm each day on my training routines and the sessions were recorded. He goes home with the DVD's from his camp sessions. I worked on different areas of his game like Techniques, Break Building, Long Potting, Match - Play and Cue Ball Control and the German star cleared numerous routines and achieved good results on each skill. Jim Leacy RIBSA Chairman and newly elected President of the IBSF was delighted to see another International player coming to train within my Academy and he hopes more players will follow as it will help improve the standard and grow the game all over Europe.

The camp DVD's will help Carl remember the key points as I used my alignment laser to perfect his address position and develop centre ball aiming. Each skill and technique was fine tuned to become natural and the 360 Pure Cue Action Training Cue was used in developing a smoother consistent stroke in his cueing. I was delighted to see Carl coming over from Germany for the two day camp and I hope to see more German players coming over. Carl's commitment was incredible throughout the camp and he listened and worked hard on developing and improving his playing techniques. To be ranked number 1 on the German tour proves he has the all-round game to compete at the highest level and I really hope he can now build on this confidence and train hard back in Germany for the rest of the season ''

Carl said '' PJ`s coaching was an enlightenment for me. He lowered the butt of my cue to be level with the table and helped me to put the tip closer to the cue ball on my approach. He also worked on developing a front pause and back pause to improve my delivery. These changes were exactly what I needed as in the two day session in Carlow my game immediately improved by one or more levels.

I was very surprised how well I did in the practice routines after changing my technique. I would recommend anyone to practice with PJ as I think he does a brilliant job. I am going home with a lot of self-confidence to improve further and I will use the practice routines from PJ`s books''

Click to watch two training videos from his camp

Long Potting 

Cue Ball Control