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Adam 4yr old whiz-kid

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My 147academy met up with one of the youngest ever players, when 4 year old potting whiz-kid Adam Wynne from Boora, County Offaly in Ireland arranged a session in the Ivy Rooms Snooker Club in Carlow. Earlier this year Adam appeared on the biggest TV show in Ireland, The Late Late show with host Ryan Tubridy after his video went viral on the internet after his uncle uploaded it to Youtube.  Adam’s dad Sean had asked me to give Adam some advice to prepare for his big event later this year when Adam will play an exhibition match on live on German TV.

I was very impressed with Adam, his potting is fantastic for a boy so young. His excitement when he pots the balls is so nice to see and the encouragement he receives from his dad is beautiful to watch as his main role is to make it fun for Adam. His hand, eye coordination is unbelievable as he can only just see over the table. He can strike the cue ball with confidence and along the correct line of aim.


I worked on giving Adam a few new routines and we designed a new trick shot for Adam to practice and I like to wish Adam all the success for the future.