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147academy Summer Camp

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My 147academy held a two day summer camp in the Ivy Rooms Snooker Club in Carlow with Jordan McCarthy, Dylan Keightley, Jamie McGowan, Jack Connolly, Paddy Brady, James Quigley, John Leacy, Adam Maher, Barry Sinnott, Joe McEntergart, Ben Doyle, Andrew Doherty and James Hurley. Each student attended training each day from 11am - 4pm and they had their playing technique fine-tuned. The students received a DVD to study at home to study more as I feels this is crucial in helping to remember the key technical points from the camp.

Throughout the summer camp I trained the students to practice various routines to improve their Cue Ball Control, Potting, Safety, Long Potting and Match-Play. Two star juniors were in attendance from Irish cue sports with top International Snooker player Andrew Doherty from Dublin and International Pool player Adam Maher from Wexford who recently reached the World 8 ball junior final. I used his alignment laser to help go get the players into a good address position and worked on their cue actions to cue smoother to deliver the cue more consistent using the 360 cue.  Day 1 was all about working on the players cue action, potting skills and cue ball control and Day 2 was about Improving their aiming to strike half ball, full ball and 3/4 ball plus improving their potting and cue ball control to clear my academy training routines.

All the players received a Coaching Certificate, Coaching Manual, Training Routine Booklet plus Sports Psychology Booklet and Audio to work on their mind fitness. Jim Leacy President of the IBSF observed the training and was impressed with the quality of players on show during the camp. He was delighted to hear the players enjoyed and learned a lot about the game during this summer camp.  Paddy Brady from Maynooth won the competition on Day 1 and Andrew Doherty from Dublin won Day 2 in the routines tournament with superb performances and they received an academy polo shirt as their prize.

I would like to thank the Ivy Rooms for being the perfect venue for his summer camp and to Marian Leacy for making it such a great success. Finally I would like to thank all the students in making it a great two days of coaching and I wish everyone good luck in this upcoming Snooker and Pool season.