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Romania Coaching Zone

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My 147academy returned to the beautiful city of Bucharest this week to hold another training camp arranged by the Real Snooker Tour of Romania in the newly opened Century Snooker Club. This camp was to promote the game and provide the players with more guidance to improve their game to a higher level.

The 14 players were: Rares Sinca. Florentin Ciobanu, Paul Croitoru,  Sorin Craciun, Monica Manolache, Iulian Florescu, Maxim Ene, Riti Eduard, T. Tudorache, C. Tudorache, George Margarit, Cosmin Postole, Marcel Bera and Razvan Baciu. 

The Century Club in Bucharest, facilities are one of the best in Europe with four professional Star snooker tables. Among the players were many of the International players who represented Romania over the years in U-18, U-21, Men, Masters, Ladies, European and World Championships plus young stars of the future from as young as 6 years old. During this camp I worked on developing a solid technique on their Stance, Cue Action, Grip, Address Position and I used my various academy routines to improve the player’s cue ball control, long potting and break building scoring.

I used my academy laser and the new Master Doctor Kit to help the players get into the line of aim and all the players were videoed and received a DVD of their game to study at home.  I also focused on their tactical game as this area needs to improve and the mini tactical games helped the players identify the correct shots to win more. 

I was impressed to see so many talented young players so the future looks good to develop the game in Romania. I was very happy to see the improvement in the players who attended the last camp and happy to see new faces at this camp. Finally I want to thank Paul Croitoru for everything, The Real Snooker Tour Committee and all the players for making it a successful camp. I am already looking forward to returning to monitor the progress and help develop the game more in Romania.