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Camp in Czech Repiblic

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Last week I had the pleasure to return to the city of Třebíč in the Czech Republic to hold another training camp for 14 year old Jan Matějíček.  Jan represents the Czech Republic in next month’s European Under 18 and Under 21 Snooker Championships in Bulgaria.

  • Improvement Since Last Camp

I was very impressed with his overall improvement in his Address Position, Stance, Grip, Bridge, Cue Action and Break Building since the last camp. The aim for this training camp was to prepare him for the European Championships and develop a new training plan to practice.

  • Support

Jan has a superb Star Table to practice on and his attitude again was amazing in wanting to learn and listen. He is motivated and encouraged by his grandfather Ján Chren who has a snooker academy in Třebíč and great support from his mum Zuzana Matějíčková. I used my 147academy routines to improve his Technique, Cue Ball Control, and Break Building.  I focused again on his tactical game through mini tactical games which will help him identify the shots he needs to win more.

  • Training Plan

The new training plan contains three main areas to improve : 1. Technique, 2. Mental, 3. Tactical.  Each session during the camp was recorded and fine-tuned. He received the DVD’s to study as I feel this is crucial in improving his overall game.

  • Thank You

I would like to thank Ján and Zuzana for arranging the camp and inviting me back to his beautiful home in Třebíč.  I wish Honzink all the success in the EBSA European Championships in Sofia next month and the five year plan begins in developing him into a top class International player over the next few years.  Finally it was great honour to be asked back to help Jan improve his game and I was so proud of the way he has trained and I could not have asked for anything more from very special people in Třebíč.