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RST Romania Training Camp

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Last week I returned to the city of Bucharest in Romania to hold a 3-day Snooker Camp for the RST Snooker Club in Romania. This training camp was arranged to promote the game and provide guidance to their Junior, Masters and Senior members

The Players

The ten players were a mixture of International players who have represented Romania at World and European Championships to Club and up and coming Juniors.

This camp covered all aspects of the game from developing good fundamentals in their playing technique to working on their Mind Fitness. Florentin Ciobanu, Paul Croitoru, Max Bera, Sorin Craciun, Rares Sinca, Aurelian Apostol, Cosmin Postole, David Goajga, Özcan Cetinkaya and Tudor Bran attending this camp.

New Training Plan

I designed a new training plan for the Academy to help the players improve their solo training which I feel is needed to improve more. All the players practiced routines on Cue Ball Control, Safety Play and Break Building and achieved superb results.

Academy Aids

I used my academy training aids like the Master Doctor, Blade Cue, Blade Mat, Chris Henry Balls and EBSA Coaching Balls to develop the players Approach, Stance, Cue Action, Grip, Address Position, Aiming and Delivery.

All the players were recorded and they received the movies to study at home as I feel this is crucial in watching the action from their session to improve more. The players also received a copy of my new 147academy Sports Phycology booklet.


I was impressed with the talented players at the camp and the incredible improvement in their youngest player David Goajga who is 10yrs old and a real star of the future. I believe the players now have the correct fundamentals plus the training program to improve their game more. 

Thank You

Finally, I would like to thank all the players for training so hard and to Paul and the RST Snooker Club for making my trip so enjoyable. I am already looking forward to seeing everyone again at another camp in 2020.