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Austrian Training Camp

The 147 Academy travelled last weekend to the HSEBC Cue Sports Academy in Vienna, Austria to hold a two day National Team Snooker Coaching Camp.

This camp was organised by the Austrian Billiards & Snooker Association and Oskar Charlesworth, Manuel Pomwenger, Markus Pfistermüller, Serbest Hussein, Jérôme Liedtke, Mario Bodlos, Elias Kapitany and Andreas Ploner were invited to attend the camp with PJ Nolan.

  • Mental Training Session

The Training camp started off with a two hour mental training session by leading Mental Coach Dieter Simoncsics.  This is aimed at helping the players to become mentally stronger.

  • Training Plan

PJ worked with the players on improving their break building skills and safety games with specific academy Technical, Mental, Scoring and Match-Play routines as he feels this is crucial in developing their game.

All the players practiced from 10am – 6pm to improve their Cue Ball Control and Break Building skills.  The players also played numerous mini tournaments and PJ said '' it was a pleasure training the players again as their commitment was superb''.

  • Player of the Camp

Player of the Camp was Markus Pfistermüller when he won the Technique Challenge,  Markus and Jérôme Liedtke both won the Mental Challenge. Andreas Ploner won the Scoring Challenge but it was Markus who won the overall Match-Play ranking to top off a great weekend for the 21 year old Austrian.

  • Coaching

All the players received a DVD of action from the coaching camp along a with the new Training booklet to work on during each training session which is recording the players results with statistics on identifying what is needed to be worked on next.

  • Thank You

PJ would like to thank Austrian President and Sport Director Christian Fock and local coach Chau Zi Kim for their assistance during the camp.  PJ would personally like to thank the Austrian Association for inviting him again to train the players and he is already looking forward to holding the next camp in May. 

Felix Frede Snooker Camp

This week top International German Snooker player Felix Frede attended a camp in the Ivy Rooms Snooker Club, Carlow in Ireland with World Snooker Coach PJ Nolan.

Felix was training in the Star Academy in Sheffield last month with all the professionals to get valuable match practice as he will be competing in Qschool next month in England but he wanted to travel to Carlow to fine tune his game with PJ.

Very Talented Player

PJ designed a new plan to help him prepare for QSchool in May and PJ was very impressed with his dedication and professionalism. Felix attitude was fantastic in learning all the different shots, drills and the technical information to fine tune his game and PJ hopes Felix becomes more confident about all areas of his game after this camp.

Another International in Academy

PJ said “it is fantastic to have another one of top European players in my 147academy and i am excited in helping him develop his game over the next few years ".

Felix “said it is great to come over to Ireland and receive training from PJ. He is so focused on helping you learn all the skills, and his way of simplifying each skill is amazing. I now have a new training plan to work on and improve over the next few months and I cannot wait to get home and start doing the program.


Felix was videoed during each session and he brings home CD's with all the action from the sessions and a technique profile and training program to study covering all the routines in the four main areas Technique, Mental, Tactical and Scoring.  Felix begins a new training program which will be monitored by his Coach Thomas Hein in Germany in helping him peak at events.

Good Luck

The 147academy would like to thank Felix for coming over and wish him good luck in Qschool and in his future events

Dylan Emery Camp in Carlow

This week I had the pleasure of coaching the current World IBSF U-16 Champion Dylan Emery from Wales in the Ivy Rooms Snooker Club in Carlow. 

Dylan travelled to Carlow for a session to prepare for Q School in May. I was very impressed with his work rate and passion to learn all the different shots, drills and technical information.  It is fantastic to have one of the Worlds very best junior players in my 147academy to help develop his game over the next few years.

Watch a video of Dylan

Dylan “said it is great to have PJ in my corner to monitor my game and help me prepare for my events. I now feel more confident about my technique after his fine tuning. I really enjoyed the session and how PJ planned it out for me, I cannot wait to get home and start doing the program in the Darren Morgan Red Triangle Snooker Club in Cross Keys. 

Watch Dylan on the Selby Break

Dylan was videoed during his session and he brings home CD's with all the action from the session to study covering all the routines in the four main areas Technique, Mental, Tactical and Scoring. The Master Doctor helped to get him on the line of aim and Dylan was fast learner in developing the skill. 

Dylan begins a new training program which will be monitored with results and feedback in helping him peak at events.  My 147academy would like to thank Dylan for coming over and wish him good luck in his upcoming events.

EBSA Coaching Course in Switzerland

On the 24th of January 2018, PJ Nolan who is head of EBSA Coaching travelled to Switzerland to train three coaches on behalf of the European Billiards & Snooker Association in becoming Official EBSA Snooker Coaches.

  • Coaching Course

This EBSA Coaching Course is only open to recognised coaches who are approved by their own National Governing Body and Switzerland Snooker nominated Urs Freitag, Franz Stähli and Daniel Meyer to attend this training course which was held in the beautiful Pot Belly’s Snooker Club in Adiswil, Switzerland which is owned by former professional player Darren Paris.

PJ said '' It was an honour to give the course and train and qualify the three Swiss coaches. All three are passionate about the game and the new structure will help the coaches grow and promote the game more in Switzerland. In Urs Freitag they have a Swiss National Coach who has already guided Alexander Ursenbacher on lifting the European Title last year ''.

  • Syllabus

The EBSA Snooker Coaching syllabus includes a practical exam as well as verbal and written exams covering all the techniques and skills of coaching the game of snooker. This Coaching course in Switzerland covered all aspects of the game from Planning Sessions, Designing Routines, Role of a Coach, Sports Psychology, Rules of the Game, Practice Exercises, Written Records, Safety Play, Shot Selection, Oral Assessment, Preparation for Match- Play, Physical and Mental Etiquette and on the final day they completed the EBSA coaching written exam. 

  • New Training Program

A new Swiss training program and manual in German has been developed to help the new coaches train and guide their players. The coaches will now begin their probation period where they will complete all the necessary assignments in Switzerland to graduate in becoming a fully accredited EBSA Coaches.

The EBSA will soon have fourteen countries consisting of forty two coaches with full EBSA accreditation promoting the game all around Europe which goes well for the future of the game.

  • Swiss Snooker

Swiss Snooker President Franz Stähli said ‘’ He was delighted to have PJ in Switzerland holding this EBSA course and he hopes it raises the standard of the game all across Switzerland ''.

Swiss National Coach Urs Freitag ‘’ said he was delighted with the content on the course and we now have a great structure to build up the game in Switzerland to produce more top class players in the future and he thanked PJ for coming and giving all his knowledge to the sport ''

Click - Swiss Snooker Web Site 

  • Thank You

PJ thanked Urs and Franz for organising everything and to Swiss Snooker for inviting him to do the course. He thanked Darren for the use of the club and wished the three new EBSA coaches the best of luck in developing their coaching skills and completing their homework assignments in graduating as full EBSA Coaches later this year.

  • Next EBSA Course

Two more EBSA Coaching Courses with 10 coaches will be held next week in Sofia, Bulgaria at the European Championships to hopefully qualify more European Coaches and help all the European countries grow their games all across Europe.

  • Become A EBSA Coach?

If you would like to become an Official EBSA Coach you need to contact your own National Governing Body in writing and request them to officially contact Maxime Cassis in the EBSA nominating you to do the course as only nominated NGB coaches can do the EBSA course.  

Full details are on www.ebsa.tv web site. 

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