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Robin Otto Training Camp

This week saw one of the top International German Snooker players Robin Otto attended a training camp in the Ivy Rooms Snooker Club, Carlow in Ireland with World Snooker Coach PJ Nolan.  Robin has competed for Germany at many EBSA and IBSF Snooker Championships along with Qschool's and PTC's over the years and he wanted to travel to Carlow to fine tune his game ahead of the German National Championships next month.  

  • Very Talented Player

PJ designed a specific new training programme to help him focus more in training with targets and goals to reach during his solo and match practice sessions in Germany.  PJ was very impressed with his commitment and professionalism. Robin’s attitude was fantastic in learning all the different shots and the technical information to fine tune his game.  

  • Another International in my 147Academy

PJ said “it is very exciting to have another top European player in my 147academy and I look forward to helping Robin develop his game over the next few years ".

Robin “said his body is hurting after training so hard at the camp but it was great to come over to Ireland and receive training from PJ. He really worked on improving my break building skills and developed a new programme for me and I am sure it is going to make my game more consistent. PJ could not have done more for me as the Camp was fantastic.

Robin was videoed during each session and he brings home CD's with all the action and training programmes to study covering all the routines in the four main areas Technique, Mental, Tactical and Scoring.

On the final day of the camp Lady International German player Diana Stateczny attended the Ivy Rooms for training after storm Ali had stopped her Journey earlier in the week.. Both players were impressed with facilities in the Ivy Rooms in Carlow and recommend anyone to come for coaching and training with PJ.

  • Good Luck

My 147academy would like to thank Robin and Diana for coming over and wish him good luck in the German Championships and in future events.

Salzburg Training Camp

Last weekend the 15th & 16th of September my 147academy returned to the city of Salzburg in Austria to hold the latest snooker training Camp for the Austrian National Snooker Team.

The Austrian Billiards & Snooker Association organised this camp and invited six players from their National Rankings with Florian Nüssle, Andreas Ploner, Oskar Charlesworth, Tajmeet Grover, Philipp Koch and Mario Bodlos attending this Cue Zone.

One of the players 16 year old Florian Nüssle last month won the Paul Hunter side event in Germany beating a string of top players and current Professional player Elliot Slessor from England 3-0 in the final. This boy is really improving and I believe he is fast becoming one of the top young players on the world stage.

During this Camp I focused on the players playing Techniques by developing good playing fundamentals using my academy laser and Master Doctor Kit. The players Stance, Grip, Bridge, and Address Position were fine tuned.

The players trained from 10am – 6pm each day and they received a CD with videos from the session plus a new Austrian training program to practice at home. I was again impressed with the commitment as the players always give it 100% effort.

The players made numerous high quality breaks and it was a pleasure training the players as their commitment was superb throughout the two day camp.

More good news came last month when the Austrian team won the three nation annual event for the third time in a row beating Germany and Switzerland and this goes well for confidence within the squad.

Finally I would like to personally thank the players for training so well. I would like to thank Austrian President and Sport Director Christian Fock for everything. Austrian Coach Chau Zi Kim for assisting me throughout the weekend.

I am already looking forward to holding the next Camp in October to prepare the players for the upcoming World IBSF Championship in Myanmar.

France Coaching Camp

My 147 Academy returned this September to the spectacular city of Gérardmer in the North East of France to hold another snooker camp Gérardmer Billiard Club.  This camp was the fourth year in a row that was organised by thier President Jean-Michel Martin from the Gérardmer Billiard Club.  

It was a great honour to return to one of my favourite clubs in a city which is also known as the pearl of the Vosges to coach very committed players.

A new training plan was designed to help the players focus on their training and their Approach, Stance, Address Position, Grip and Cue Actions were analysed. The players received a CD of their session to study as I feel this is crucial in developing good fundamentals.

In the Club Jean-Michel Martin has been busy coaching very hard for the past year, using my 147academy system and I was very impressed with his player’s improvement. He is guiding some boys and girls who have some great potential.  

I would like to personally thank Michaël Martin for translating throughout the camp and I was delighted to see his improvement again this year. Finally, a big thank you goes to Jean-Michel Martin the President of the Gérardmer Snooker Club and all his members for making my visit a memorable and enjoyable stay.

I look forward to holding another training camp in 2019.

Russian Junior Camp

This week my 147academy travelled to the beautiful city of Kotka to hold a Junior Snooker Training Camp for Junior players from the Academy Billiard Sport in St Petersburg Russia.

The specific Developmental Snooker Training Camp was arranged to provide guidance to their six underage players who will participate in the upcoming IBSF World U-16 Snooker Championship in Russia next month.

The Six Players

Ustin Bogdanov, Aleksandra Bogatireva, Igor Aleksandrov, Smoliakov Iaroslav, Margarita Zvezdina and Ksenya Zukova attended the camp in the Finnalist Billiards & Snooker Club in Kotka.

During the camp I worked on developing a new training program on Confidence, Technical and Scoring to improve their Concentration, Cue Ball Control, Break Building, Tactical and Safety games. Each player received a CD of their playing techniques plus the new programs to study at home.

All training scores will be now recorded by the local coaches and a scoring statistics on each player will be developed to monitor each player and I am confident the players are in good hands.

Developing Future Champions

I worked on developing a solid playing technique in the Stance, Cue Action, Grip, Address Position and I used my Academy Laser and Master Doctor Kit to achieve a good position on the table plus the training routines improved the player’s cue ball control. The players also received the new 147Academy Sports Psychology booklet to work on their mind fitness.

Challenge Winners

The overall winner of the Confidence Challenge was Aleksandra Bogatireva with a stunning 57pts, second was Igor Aleksandrov with 54pts and third was Ksenya Zukova with 47pts.  The overall winner of the Technique Challenge was Aleksandra Bogatireva with a total of 58pts, second was Igor Aleksandrov with 55pts and third was Ksenya Zukova with 54pts.

Talented Juniors

I believe the players now have the correct fundamentals plus the correct training program to prepare for the upcoming IBSF World U-16 Snooker Championship.

I was so impressed with Alexey Solovyev, Alexey Denisov and Dmitry Beltukov from Academy Billiard Sport with their vision on how to develop the junior game more in St Petersburg and the future looks bright with talented young players and dedicated coaches.

Thank You

I would like to thank all the players for training so hard and I wish them every success in the IBSF Championships next month. Finally I would like to thank Alexey Solovyev, Alexey Denisov and Dmitry Beltukov from the Academy Billiard Sport in St Petersburg for booking the camp and I am looking forward to seeing everyone again in St Petersburg Russia.

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