In the world of sport, very little can compare to being that of a world record holder. It is something that gives every player, regardless of age, gender, race or nationality, something to aspire to in hopes of becoming one of the greats.

Through this, it incentivises the player to work and train hard, day after day to become the best. It is by this thinking that my 147 Academy is proud to announce the ‘147 Academy world record holders program’.

Each Routine you attempt your highest Score / Break by starting with the cue- ball in hand anywhere on the table. If you clear the routine, you replace the balls back on the table and continue the Score.

Official World Record 147Academy Break Board
Number Academy Routine Senior Level Under 21 Level Under 16 Level Under 12 Level
1 COLOURS BREAK 2,084 Declan Brennan NI 1,892 Jason Devaney ROI 680 Josh Boileau ROI 311 Tom Hogan ROI
2 UK BREAK 586 Rodney Goggins ROI 258 Jason Devaney ROI 222 Josh Boileau ROI 103 Nico le Clercq Hungary
3 SELBY BREAK 609 Florian Nüßle Austria 609 Florian Nüßle Austria 54 Jack O Brien ROI 47 Nico le Clercq Hungary
4 T BREAK 333 Vincent Muldoon ROI
257 Velian Dimitrov Bulgaria
5 SHOVEL BREAK 360 Aditya Mehta India 399 Bulcsú Révész Hungary 399 Bulcsú Révész Hungary 71 Lukas Stötzer Austria
6 21 LONG STRAIGHT BLUES 17 Ross Bulman ROI 17 Alex Currid ROI    
7 X BREAK 474 TJ Dowling ROI 79 Alex Currid ROI 55 Nico le Clercq Hungary 55 Nico le Clercq Hungary
8 HENDRY BREAK 141 Shachar Ruberg ISL 112 Ross Bulman ROI    
9 MAX BREAK 329 Vincent Muldoon ROI 84 Ross Bulman ROI 102 Lukas Stötzer Austria 102 Lukas Stötzer Austria
10 TEAM BREAK 360 Mohammed Shehab UAE 149 Ross Bulman ROI    
11 CARTER BREAK 139 Shachar Ruberg ISL 106 Ross Bulman ROI    
12 15 STRAIGHT RED / BLACK POTS 15 Aditya Mehta India 7 Alex Currid ROI    
13 MAGUIRE BREAK 140 Shachar Ruberg ISL 137 Velian Dimitrov Bulgaria 65 Nico le Clercq Hungary 65 Nico le Clercq Hungary
14 RONNIE BREAK 138 Shachar Ruberg ISL 98 Ross Bulman ROI    
15 THAILAND BREAK 480 Mohammed Shehab UAE 222 Alex Currid ROI    
16 XMAS BREAK 920 Mohammed Shehab UAE 435 Jason Devaney ROI 58 Nico le Clercq Hungary 58 Nico le Clercq Hungary
17 CHAMPIONS BREAK 165 Ross Bulman ROI 165 Ross Bulman ROI 47 Nico le Clercq Hungary 47 Nico le Clercq Hungary
18 21 BAULK POTS 14 Mohammed Shehab UAE 11 Alex Currid ROI 10 Nico le Clercq Hungary 10 Nico le Clercq Hungary
19 21 ANGLE PINKS 16 Jason Devaney ROI 14 Nico le Clercq Hungary 14 Nico le Clercq Hungary 14 Nico le Clercq Hungary
20 DOHERTY BREAK 138 Rodney Goggins ROI 92 Ross Bulman ROI    


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