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Austria Team Camp

Last weekend my 147academy returned to Austria to hold a PJ Nolan camp in the HSEBC Cue Sports Academy in Vienna for the Austrian National Snooker and Billiards Team.

This camp was organised by the Austrian Billiards & Snooker Association to help their players prepare for this month's World IBSF Men’s and Masters World Snooker Championship in Turkey and World Snooker Challenge Tour event in Belgium. 

  • The Players

Eleven selected players from their rankings were invited to attend this camp when Philipp Koch, Oskar Charlesworth, Florian Nüßle, Jérôme Liedtke, Arif Hussaini, Mario Bodlos, Elias Kapitany, Thomas Janzso, Ebrahim Baghi, Carl Walter Steiner and Andreas Ploner,

The players attended this training camp from 10am – 6pm each day. It was a pleasure training the players again as their commitment was superb.

  • Physical Fitness

Qualified Austrian fitness coach from Vienna Daniel Seyser gave two 1hr fitness sessions to the players on both mornings. This is aimed at teaching the players how to stretch and look after their bodies before and after long training sessions.

  • Training Plan

This camp was one of the highest standards with many players improving their scores from the last camp in September. I focused on their Approach, Stance, Address Position, Bridge, Grip and Cue Actions and I really feel the players are developing their game with every camp.

This camp I again worked on their match with specially designed drills working on their Technique, Break Building, Long Potting, Safety Game and Match-Play routines.

  • Coaching

All the players received a CD from the coaching camp along with a copy of the new training booklet to work on during each training session at home.

  • Match-Play

I held many different Match-Play competitions and the winners were Florian Nüßle, Philipp Koch, Mario Bodlos with two victories each. Andreas Ploner, Thomas Janzso and Arif Hussaini had one victory each. 

  • Thank You

I would personally like to thank the Austrian Association for inviting me to work with the National Team players and I am already booked in holding more camps in 2019 and 2020.

I would like to thank Austrian President and Sport Director Christian Fock and qualified EBSA Coaches Clemens Kunkel and Bernhard Müllner for assisting me. Thank you also to Chau Zi Kim and the HSEBC Academy for making it another successful camp.

  • Good Luck

Finally, I would like to wish all the Austrian players the best of luck in the World IBSF Snooker Championships in Turkey. Well done this weekend and keep on training hard and preparing your best for each event.

See you all in December, Auf Wiedersehen. 

Helsinki Coaching Camp

Last week my 147 Academy travelled to Finland to hold a Snooker Coaching Camp in the Cabin Street Snooker Club in Helsinki on behalf of the Finland Billiards & Snooker Federation.

Seventeen Snooker players were selected to avail of the Coaching and Training in this private members Club in Helsinki. Some players have represented Finland in QSchool, European EBSA and World IBSF Snooker Championships and the standard was very good throughout the camp from the two groups.

In Group 1 was Tapio Nupponen, Pekka Hämäläinen, Marko Virtanen, Asko Heikkilä,  Sami Karttunen, Anssi Välimäki and Jori Merikoski.

In Group 2 was Tomi Leinonen,  Jesse Hyvärinen, Pyry Salama, Paavo Laihonen, Pena Pällijeff, Juhani Koskelin , Pertti Salo, Janne Häkkinen and Tero Nappari.

I was delighted to see the players from my 2018 camp, have worked hard on my 147academy coaching fundamentals since the last years camp. I worked again on fine tuning their playing techniques by using the 147academy Laser, Master Doctor Kit, EBSA Coaching Balls, Chris Henry Balls and Blade Cue & Mat.

I focused on their Shot Approach, Stance, Grip, Address Position, Bridge, Line of Aim, the players practiced various 147academy routines to improve Technical, Mental and Scoring areas of their games.

They also practiced Cue Ball Control, Long Potting, Break Building, Tactical and Safety games against each other to simulate match-play situations.

On the final day I held a one to one session with current Finnish No.1 Heikki Niva to prepare him for this months World IBSF Championships in Turkey. I was very impressed with his commitment and he showed why he is the number 1.

  • Training Plan

I worked on improving the players mental side of the game as I feel this is very important in improving their Concentration and focus. Each player received a CD of their playing techniques plus a new training program and Sports Psychology booklet to study at home.

  • Thank You

I would like to thank Sami Karttunen for arranging everything during the camp and all the players in making the camp a great success. It was a pleasure training the players as their commitment was superb.

I really hope the camp helps to build up their confidence to train and improve more.

Finally thank you to the Finnish Billiards & Snooker Federation and The Cabin Street Snooker Club for inviting me to hold another camp. I look forward to holding another 147academy Camp in the Cabin Street Snooker Club in Helsinki in 2020.


RST Romania Training Camp

Last week I returned to the city of Bucharest in Romania to hold a 3-day Snooker Camp for the RST Snooker Club in Romania. This training camp was arranged to promote the game and provide guidance to their Junior, Masters and Senior members

The Players

The ten players were a mixture of International players who have represented Romania at World and European Championships to Club and up and coming Juniors.

This camp covered all aspects of the game from developing good fundamentals in their playing technique to working on their Mind Fitness. Florentin Ciobanu, Paul Croitoru, Max Bera, Sorin Craciun, Rares Sinca, Aurelian Apostol, Cosmin Postole, David Goajga, Özcan Cetinkaya and Tudor Bran attending this camp.

New Training Plan

I designed a new training plan for the Academy to help the players improve their solo training which I feel is needed to improve more. All the players practiced routines on Cue Ball Control, Safety Play and Break Building and achieved superb results.

Academy Aids

I used my academy training aids like the Master Doctor, Blade Cue, Blade Mat, Chris Henry Balls and EBSA Coaching Balls to develop the players Approach, Stance, Cue Action, Grip, Address Position, Aiming and Delivery.

All the players were recorded and they received the movies to study at home as I feel this is crucial in watching the action from their session to improve more. The players also received a copy of my new 147academy Sports Phycology booklet.


I was impressed with the talented players at the camp and the incredible improvement in their youngest player David Goajga who is 10yrs old and a real star of the future. I believe the players now have the correct fundamentals plus the training program to improve their game more. 

Thank You

Finally, I would like to thank all the players for training so hard and to Paul and the RST Snooker Club for making my trip so enjoyable. I am already looking forward to seeing everyone again at another camp in 2020.


Raymond Fry Coaching Session

Over the weekend I had the pleasure of coaching Northern Ireland's number 1 snooker player Raymond Fry from Antrim in the Ivy Rooms Snooker Club in Carlow.

Earlier this month Raymond had won the opening ranking event of the season in NIBSA. He is a regular International and Q-School player who practices daily with N. Irelands professionals Mark Allen and Jordan Browne in the 147club in Antrim.

Raymond really impressed me with his attitude and commitment when we worked on fine tuning his techniques and developing specific routines.

During the session I worked on fine tuning his fundamentals by working on his Approach, Delivery and Rest Shots. We also talked about my programs on the mental side with the academy booklets on becoming mentally stronger.  

Raymond now begins a new training plan which will be monitored and it is fantastic to have another top talent within my 147academy. Good luck on this season mate and thanks again for wanting to come down for a session. See you soon.

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