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UAE Coaching Camp

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April has certainly be a busy month for Republic of Ireland National Coach PJ Nolan. The Official World Snooker Coach will be our lead coach in the Cue Zone in Sheffield but before that the much sought after coach is currently in Dubai working with the UAE's finest snooker players as they prepare for their assault on the Asian Championships later this month.

Although contracted to the Republic of Ireland Snooker Association, PJ is also the European Head Coach as well as being in much demand further afield. Thus with the Asian Championships due to be held soon in Qatar PJ was brought over to work with the UAE's top players Mohammed Shehab and Mohammed Al Joker for the last couple of weeks at the Dubai Snooker Club.

The experienced duo of Shehab and Al Joker will represent the UAE in the Championships and will both be aiming to lift the trophy and gain a nomination for next seasons WSA Main Tour. Several other leading UAE national players also received coaching during the camp and PJ remarked on the superb support that the UAE Federation gives its players and was very impressed with the commitment and talent he witnessed during this camp.

During a camp like this PJ works individually with each player and follows the coaching up with DVD analysis of the days work as well as supplying training routines for the player to work on. The UAE also know the benefit of top quality practice partners and arranged for professional player Adam Duffy to accompany PJ for a few days to add some quality match practice to the schedule. Mohammed Shehab and Mohammed Al Joker both praised PJ’s Coaching style and said '' PJ has now held two coaching camps in the UAE in January and April of this year and everyone can see the overall improvement in all the players’ game ''

PJ has worked with Mohammed Shehab on and off for years now but like numerous other foreign players they keep in touch with PJ via e-mail constantly as well as logging onto his website at www.147 academy.com. PJ uses the latest video technology to enhance his training methods and his website offers free training routines and coaching advice designed for beginners to pros. You can also view numerous hours of video with the likes of Shehab to Fergal O'Brien working with PJ's routines.

PJ jets back today from Dubai and will be in the Cue Zone from Saturday morning to Monday inclusive to answer any questions you might have about your game, so why not pop over for a game and a bit of advice.

Click to watch Mohammed Shehab Training with PJ in Dubai

Click to watch Mohammed Al Joker Training with PJ in Dubai