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Czech Republic - Třebíč Camp

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Last week I had the pleasure of coaching a very talented 14 year old snooker player Jan Matějíček in Třebíč in the Czech Republic.  Jan has a beautiful new Star Table to practice on and I was very impressed with his attitude.  Each day he got stronger and stronger by learning the techniques and shots during the three day camp.

Camp Goal

My goal for the camp was to design a new training plan to help him improve and develop good fundamentals in his playing technique by using my Academy Alignment laser and Master Doctor Kit in achieving a good Address Position, Stance, Grip, Bridge and Cue Action.  The three main areas he needed improvement on 1. Technique, 2. Break Building and 3. Tactical. 

Each session was recorded and each technique was fine-tuned by watching the skill back on the laptop to help him develop it naturally.  He also received the DVD’s to study as I feel this is crucial in improving his technique.

I used my various 147academy training routines to improve his Cue Ball Control, Long Potting and Break Building.  I also focused on his tactical game as this is the one area that he needs to improve on through my new mini tactical games which will help him identify the shots to win more.

Fantastic Support

At present Jan has fantastic support on and off the table as in the city of Třebíč his grandfather Ján Chren runs a beautiful snooker academy called '' Arenia Snooker Academy '' which has five tables.  CLICK HIS WEB SITE

His grandfather has a great passion for the game and along with his mum Zuzana Matějíčková, he has the perfect team in helping him develop into a top International Snooker player.  It is a great honour to be asked to join the team in helping Jan achieve more success.

Future Plans

A superb Tournament plan is also in progress with plans for Jan to compete in various International Open events around Europe next season as he needs experience and match-practice against his class opponents which will help him to improve more. 

Thank You

I would like to thank Ján Chren for arranging the camp in his beautiful home in Třebíč and to Zuzana Matějíčková for being the best translator and best ever host. Finally, thank you Jan in training so hard during the camp and giving me 100% commitment.  I am already looking forward to seeing his improvement during the next camp in 2018.