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Snooker Camp in Italy

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Last week my 147academy travelled to the city of Milan in Italy to hold another training camp in the beautiful Ambrosian Snooker Academy.  The camp was again organised by Davide Coltro who is the head EBSA Coach in Italy and the main developer of the sport of snooker within F.I.B.I.S. who are the National Governing Body of all Billiard sports in Italy.

New Training Program

This camp was held to focus on developing a new training program to help raise the standard and knowledge of snooker in Italy by training on specific shots, drills and situations that occur in frames and matches.  I designed the program focusing on four main areas, Technique, Scoring, Mental and Concentration. 

The players were also shown how to plan a session and to start making written records from their training so improvement can be measured with feedback from each session.

Develop good Fundamentals

The three day camp covered all aspects of the game from developing good fundamentals in their playing technique i.e. Approach, Stance, Grip, Bridge, and Cue Action.  I used the Master Doctor Kit to develop their approach of coming in on line of aim.  The players also practiced routines for Cue Ball Control, Safety Play and Shot Selection. Each player received a CD to study at home with the videos from the camp along with some of my 147academy PDF’s.

Honour to Coach in Italy

It was an honour to train the Italian players and see how passionate they were about wanting to learn about the game. Davide Coltro is very passionate in trying to develop snooker in Italy and it is a big honour for myself and my 147academy in helping to promote the game and hopefully producing top class Italian champions in the future.

Thank You

I would like to thank Davide Coltro for organising everything and making my stay in Milan so good and finally to all the players for training so hard and giving me 100% commitment throughout the camp. I look forward to the next camp in 2018 to monitor their progress.