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Russian Junior Training Camp

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This week from the 9th – 11th of July my 147academy returned to the city of Kotka in Finland to hold a three Day Snooker Development Camp for five Russian Juniors from the Academy Billiard Sport in St Petersburg in the Finnalist Biljardi Club.

Along with the Snooker Camp, Professional Pool Coach Alex Lely from the Netherlands was holding a camp for sixteen Finnish and Russian pool players. It was fantastic to see how he did the camp and motivated all the pool players throughout the camp.

The five talented players who attended my Snooker Camp were Bogatyreva Aleksandra, Klesov Konstantin, Zvezdina Margarita, Polevoy Maxim and Krasikov Machail. I was so happy to see each player has improved since my last camp.

Developing 147academy Fundamentals

During this camp I worked again on fine tuning their fundamentals and I developed a new Academy Billiard Sport training plan to improve their Cue Ball Control, Break Building, Tactical and Safety games.

I worked again on developing a solid playing technique in their Stance, Cue Action, Grip, Address Position. The players practiced training routines to improve and the players also received my new 147Academy Sports Psychology booklet to work on their game. Each player also received a CD with the movies from the camp of their playing techniques plus the new programs to study at home.

Developing Champions

During the camp I analysed the players on the drills and all training scores will be now recorded by academy coaches Alexey Solovyev, Alexey Denisov and a scoring statistics on each player will be developed to monitor each player and I am confident the players are in good hands.

Match – Play Challenge Winner

The overall winner of the Match Play Challenge was Klesov Konstantin with a stunning 11 victories from the sixteen mini tournaments.

Talented Players

I believe the Russian players have good fundamentals plus a new training program to improve more. I was so impressed again with the players commitment and Alexey Solovyev and Alexey Denisov from the Academy Billiard Sport on developing the game in St Petersburg and it is an honour to have my 147 academy linked to theirs.

Thank You

I would like to thank the five young Russian players for training so hard and I wish them good luck in the future and a big thank you again to Alexey Solovyev and Alexey Denisov for booking the camp.

It was an honour to meet Alex Lely and I would like to thank the Finallist Club for holding the camp and I am looking forward to seeing everyone again in the near future.