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Shachar Training Camp

This week my 147 Academy travelled to the city of Tel Aviv in Israel to hold a three Day Snooker Training Camp for the 2018 EBSA European 6red Snooker Champion Shachar Ruberg.

The plan for this training camp was all about preparing him best for next week’s EBSA Championship in Israel plus checking his techniques, give him new routines to master and set new goals and targets for 2019.

Shachar has really improved his Potting, Break Building Skills and Safety Game over the years. The new routines will help him focus his solo training and improve the tactical side of the game into playing the correct shots. Shachar had developed a few minor faults in his technique but he got stronger and stronger each day by coming in on the line of aim more.

During this camp Shachar practiced my various academy routines to improve Concentration, Cue Ball Control, Break Building, and Tactical. He received CD's to study of his playing techniques and action from the camp plus his new specific training program.

Shachar said '' I am delighted how the training camp went, PJ planned it out perfect and i feel great about my game after the camp ahead of the European Championships. 

Shachar made numerous quality breaks in the camp and it was a pleasure training him again as his commitment was superb throughout the camp.  Shachar will be monitored in his new program and I wish him good luck next week in the European Championships in Eliat.

Well done Shachar !!!!

Swedish Training Camp

This week my 147academy welcomed International Swedish Junior Snooker player Max Nettleton from Stockholm for a three day Snooker Training Camp in the Ivy Rooms Snooker Club, Carlow in Ireland.

Max has represented Sweden in European Championships over the years and he travelled to get professionals coaching to fine tune his game before next week's EBSA European Snooker Championships in Israel.

Another International in Academy

PJ said “it is fantastic to have another European player in my 147academy and I am excited in helping him develop his game over the next few years ".

Max “said it is great to come over to Ireland and receive training. PJ is very professional in his coaching and he builds up your confidence while developing his academy fundamentals around it. I cannot wait to get home and start doing the program.

Click to Watch Video from Camp

Max was videoed during each session and he brings home CD's with all the action from the sessions and a technique profile plus training program to study covering all the routines in the four main areas Technique, Control, Tactical and Scoring. 

New Training Plan & Mind Set

I designed a new training plan plus worked on his Mental side of the game to help him prepare for the EBSA Championship. I was very impressed with his dedication and hunger to learn and improve.

Three Day Camp

Max's attitude was fantastic in learning all the different drills and the technical information to fine tune his game and I hope Max becomes more confident about all areas of his game after this camp. Max now begins a new training program which will be monitored each month.

Good Luck

The 147academy would like to thank Max for coming over to Ireland and I wish him good luck in Israel for the 2019 Europeans and in future events.

Coaching Course in Hungary

I had the honour as Head of EBSA Coaching to hold a Coaching Course for the European Billiards & Snooker Association in Budapest Hungary to train five new coaches on behalf of the Hungarian Snooker Association.

This EBSA Coaching Course is only open to recognised coaches who are approved by their own National Governing Body and the Hungarian Snooker Association nominated Géza Zakariás, László Bekk, Balazs Kiss, Richard Balo and Gergő Almási to attend this training course which was held in the beautiful private room in Budapest which is owned by Association President Peter Varga.

PJ said '' It was an honour to give another course in Hungary to train and qualify the five new Hungarian coaches. All five are passionate about the game and I hope the new structure will help the coaches grow and promote the game more in Hungary. Top Hungarian Junior player Balazs Kiss becomes the youngest EBSA Coach so the future is looking good ‘’.


The EBSA Snooker Coaching syllabus includes a practical exam as well as verbal and written exams covering all the techniques and skills of coaching the game of snooker. This Coaching course in Hungary covered all aspects of the game from Planning Sessions, Designing Routines, Role of a Coach, Sports Psychology, Rules of the Game, Practice Exercises, Written Records, Safety Play, Shot Selection, Oral Assessment, Preparation for Match- Play, Physical and Mental Etiquette and on the final day they completed the EBSA coaching written exam. 

New Training Program

A new Hungarian training program and manual has been developed to help guide their players. The coaches will now begin their probation period where they will complete all the necessary assignments in Hungary to graduate in becoming a fully accredited EBSA Coaches.

The EBSA will soon have 22 countries consisting of sixty five coaches with full EBSA accreditation promoting the game all around Europe which goes well for the future of the game.

Hungarian Snooker

Hungarian Snooker president Peter Varga said ‘’ He was delighted to have PJ back in Hungary holding this EBSA course and he hopes it raises the standard of the game here in Hungary “. Gergő Almási ‘’ said he was delighted with the content on the course and we now have a great structure to build up the game to produce more players in the future and he thanked PJ for coming and giving all his knowledge to the sport “.

Thank You

PJ thanked Gergő and László for organising everything and inviting him to do the course. He thanked Peter for the use of the table and wished the five new EBSA coaches the best of luck in developing their coaching skills and completing their homework assignments in graduating as full EBSA Coaches later this year.

Next EBSA Course

Two more EBSA Coaching Courses will be held next few weeks in Israel at the European Championships and in Vienna to hopefully qualify more European Coaches and help all the European countries grow their games all across Europe.

Become A EBSA Coach

If you would like to become an Official EBSA Coach you need to contact your own National Governing Body in writing and request them to officially contact Maxime Cassis in the EBSA nominating you to do the course as only nominated NGB coaches can do the EBSA course.  

Full details are on www.ebsa.tv web site.

QBoard Practice Table

My 147academy is delighted to have the Qboard in my 147academy base in the Ivy Rooms Snooker Club, Carlow in the Republic of Ireland for players to practice on during lessons. The QBoard is a fantastic one pocket practice table which works on getting a player to come in on line and pot a straight red.

During a very competitive competition in Goffs at the Irish Senior Masters on the 5th & 6th of January 2019 the standard was very high with some of the top scores achieved. Irish U-14 International player Alex Currid from Wexford potted 35 balls in a row.

The current World Seniors Champion Aaron Canavan from Jersey had the top score when he potted 50 balls in a row but he finished in 2nd place as it was Stephen Bateman from Kilkenny who is current Irish National U-21 Champion who potted 51 connective balls to win that overall competition.

This innovative new home practice table, designed to help players achieve a perfectly straight cue action, required to be a top snooker player!
- ball return system 
- supplied with full size red and cue ball
- fold out chalk holder
- tournament standard cloth
- adjustable levelling feet
- folds flat for easy storage
- only 8ft long by 1ft wide

For Sales and enquiries email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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