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Coaching Camp in Czech Republic

Last week I had the pleasure of coaching a very talented 14 year old snooker player Jan Matějíček in Třebíč in the Czech Republic.  Jan has a beautiful new Star Table to practice on and I was very impressed with his attitude.  Each day he got stronger and stronger by learning the techniques and shots during the three day camp.

Camp Goal

My goal for the camp was to design a new training plan to help him improve and develop good fundamentals in his playing technique by using my Academy Alignment laser and Master Doctor Kit in achieving a good Address Position, Stance, Grip, Bridge and Cue Action.  The three main areas he needed improvement on 1. Technique, 2. Break Building and 3. Tactical. 

Each session was recorded and each technique was fine-tuned by watching the skill back on the laptop to help him develop it naturally.  He also received the DVD’s to study as I feel this is crucial in improving his technique.

I used my various 147academy training routines to improve his Cue Ball Control, Long Potting and Break Building.  I also focused on his tactical game as this is the one area that he needs to improve on through my new mini tactical games which will help him identify the shots to win more.

Fantastic Support

At present Jan has fantastic support on and off the table as in the city of Třebíč his grandfather Ján Chren runs a beautiful snooker academy called '' Arenia Snooker Academy '' which has five tables.  CLICK HIS WEB SITE

His grandfather has a great passion for the game and along with his mum Zuzana Matějíčková, he has the perfect team in helping him develop into a top International Snooker player.  It is a great honour to be asked to join the team in helping Jan achieve more success.

Future Plans

A superb Tournament plan is also in progress with plans for Jan to compete in various International Open events around Europe next season as he needs experience and match-practice against his class opponents which will help him to improve more. 

Thank You

I would like to thank Ján Chren for arranging the camp in his beautiful home in Třebíč and to Zuzana Matějíčková for being the best translator and best ever host. Finally, thank you Jan in training so hard during the camp and giving me 100% commitment.  I am already looking forward to seeing his improvement during the next camp in 2018.


Camp in Gérardmer France

My 147 Academy returned to the beautiful city of Gérardmer in the North East of France to hold another snooker camp which was organised by Jean-Michel Martin from the Gérardmer Billiard Club.  It was a great honour to be asked to return to Gérardmer which is also known as the pearl of the Vosges to coach various standards from a former International player to very young stars of the future.

Jean-Michel Martin has been coaching very hard for the past year, using my 147academy system and I was very impressed with his player’s technical improvement. He is guiding some boys and girl players who have some great potential.  Every players Stance, Address Position, Grip, Cue Actions were analysed. The players received a DVD of their sessions to study as I feel this is crucial in developing good fundamentals. The players practiced routines to improve their potting skills, as this is an area where I feel they need to work on.  I was delighted to see all the players trying to master each routine.

I would like to personally thank Michaël Martin for translating throughout the camp and I was delighted to see his overall improvement since last year.  Finally, a big thank you goes to Jean-Michel Martin the President of the Gérardmer Snooker Club and all his members for inviting me back and making my visit a memorable and enjoyable stay.

I look forward to holding another training camp in 2018.

Hungarian Snooker Camp

Last week my 147academy travelled to the amazing city of Budapest in Hungary to hold a snooker training camp to train 16 players in the Rex Williams Snooker Club.  The camp was organised by Hungarian Snooker Gala team and a junior and senior camp was held with some of the players who have competed for Hungary in the European U-18, U-21 and Men’s Snooker Championships over the past few seasons.

I was delighted to see the high level of players during the camp and I believe this is mainly due to the EBSA qualifying Hungarian coaches two years ago.  In the junior camp, Bulcsu Revesz, Balazs Morvay, Attila Horvath, Gabor Dimitrov, Balazs Kiss, Szabolcs Varga, Rudi Virag and Adam Arany really impressed me during the camp. I would like to thank EBSA Coaches Péter Varga and László Pénzes who assisted me throughout the camp and I would like to thank them for all their support.

10 year old Bulcsu Revesz, 14 year old Attila Horvath, 18 year old Balazs Kiss and 19 year old Balazs Morvay performed to a very high standard and their attitude and work rate makes me believe they have the potential to develop into future champions on the world stage over the next few years.  

10 year old snooker sensation Bulcsu Revesz pictured below is one of the most talented juniors i have coached and is a real star of the future for Europrean snooker. Bulcsu won the first break building challenge, Attila Horvath won the second challenge. Balazs Morvay won the first match-play challenge and Balazs Kiss won the second challenge.

In the Men’s Camp, Balazs Hamori, Peter Geszosz, Marcell Herlicska, Laszlo Beck, Gergo Almasi, Gyorgy Muller, Richard Balo and Kristof Adomany attended. Balazs Hamori won both break building challenges.  I would like to thank all the players and the Hungarian Snooker Gala team (picture below) for arranging the camp and for making my visit to Budapest so memorable.

Please find information on the upcoming 2nd Hungarian Snooker Gala in Hungary


The Hungarian Snooker Gala will continue with another world-class exhibition on 23. October 2017, where the legends of snooker will meet at the green baize.  The iconic cueist, the six-time world champion Steve Davis will match with the two-time world champion Welshman, Mark Williams. The official referee will be the gorgeous Michaela Tabb.

The legendary sportsmen will perform in two exhibition shows, an afternoon and an evening session where they are also going to play a special Scottish Double frame with two Hungarian talents. The cherry on the cake will be the world famous trick shot show of Steve Davis.

Steve Davis

Steve Davis is one of the most well-known and successful snooker players of all time. During his career he won 28 ranking tournaments, including six World Championship titles, six UK Championships and three Masters. He was world number one for seven consecutive years.

Mark Williams

The Welshman Mark Williams is a two-time world champion of snooker, he triumphed in the legendary Crucible Theatre in 2000 and in 2003. He won 18 ranking tournaments, he led the world ranking for three years and he compiled almost 400 century breaks during his career.

Michaela Tabb

The Scottish Michaela Tabb is the pioneer of female referees. She became the first woman to officiate at a professional ranking snooker tournament in 2002, the first woman to referee a ranking tournament final, and the only woman ever to have refereed the World Snooker Championship final in 2009 and 2012.

Venue: Gerevich Aladár National Sportshall (1146 Budapest, Istvánmezei út 3.)

Date: 23. October 2017

Afternoon session: 14.30 – 17.30

Evening session: 20.00 – 23.00

(The two sessions will offer the same program)

Further information of the event (currently in Hungarian): www.snookergala.hu

Ticket prices:

Yellow section – 4.990 Ft

Green section – 6.990 Ft

Brown section – 9.990 Ft

Blue section – 11.990 Ft

Pink section (Meet&Greet) – 29.990 Ft

There is a new ticket category: we are selling a limited number of Meet&Greet tickets for both shows. With the Meet&Greet tickets the guests shall meet the legends at the table for a quick chat, photos, selfies and autographs.

Meet & Greet times:

Afternoon session: 13.00 – 13.30

Evening session: 18.30 – 19.00

Ireland win 2017 Home Internationals

Last weekend I had a great honour to coach and manage the Ireland Senior Snooker team of Robert Murphy, Michael Judge, TJ Dowling and John Farrell to win the prince of Wales Home International Perpetual Shield.  The event was held in the Northern Snooker Centre in Leeds where Ireland faced England, Wales, N Ireland, Scotland, Guernsey and Isle of Man in one of the most prestigious team events in the world.

The Republic Of Ireland Seniors remained unbeaten in the event with six superb wins: The Republic of Ireland won 10-2 against the Isle of Man, Republic of Ireland 8-4 Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland 8-4 Scotland, Republic of Ireland 12-0 Guernsey, Republic of Ireland 9-3 Wales and Republic of Ireland won the title with a 7-5 victory over England.


Ireland had only ever won the event five times in their history in 1993, 2000, 2001 and 2012 and this year’s teams now write their own names into the record books with an unbelievable performance from everyone on the team.  John Farrell had the honour of making the highest break in the event with a 132 break and being named player of the championship winning 16 out of his 18 frames.


I have now had the honour of coaching and training four teams to win this Home Internationals senior title as I was the coach back in 2000, 2001, 2012  and the team spirit and commitment this year was superb by all the players.

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