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New EBSA Coaching Balls

I am delighted to announce the Snooker Coaching Training Balls i designed and developed for the EBSA are going on sale now. These balls are a fantastic training aid for all Snooker players as the feedback is amazing. 

You will be able to try the balls out in all my 147academy Cue Zones and Camps all around the world.

The 3 Balls in Box

  • Improve your Control
  • Line of Aim
  • Cueing

The Balls are for all level of players from the beginner to the professional player. The balls are exclusively only available to purchase on www.4SS.be/en/news/te-koop.

More Information Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


Click - EBSA Web Site

Click - 4ss.be Web Site

New Str8Aim Coaching Aid

Delighted to announce that a new fantastic coaching aid for all cue sports ''Str8aim'' will now be available for all the players at all my 147academy Coaching Camps and Cue Zones worldwide.

The Str8aim develops good fundamentals in your delivery and I am delighted to be working with creator Vincent Tate in launching the aid in Europe.

Click to Str8Aim Web Site

The str8aim fits onto any cue, the chin piece is moulded to the size of your chin. The Aid helps you feel and develop muscle memory by developing straight cueing. This training aid detects wrist movement, head movement, arm movement, and also corrects your address position.

Already I have used the Str8Aim at my cue zones at the 2020 European Championships in Portugal and I am delighted to endorse and promote the Str8Aim all around the world in my roles of Irish National Coach, Head of EBSA European Coaching plus a WPBSA Coach.

Click to watch the Str8Aim in Action

If anyone needs more information on the Str8Aim they should email Vincent Tate on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Israel Training Camps

This week my 147 Academy travelled to the city of Tel Aviv in Israel to hold two PJ Nolan Snooker Training Camps. The first camp was a 4-day camp held in the new luxury 147club in Tel Aviv for players from the club and from the Israeli Snooker Association.

Two camps

The first camp was organised to promote the Israeli game for Ladies, Juniors, Masters and Men. The second was a 5-day intense camp for their New National Champion and former EBSA European 6red Snooker Champion Shachar Ruberg.

Stunning 147 Club

The new 147 club in Tel Aviv is a fantastic club with Professional Star tables and match cloths in stunning venue that also has 8 and 9 ball pool tables. The 147 club are planning a big pro-am later in the year and club owner and International player Dudi Eliau was delighted to hear that everyone enjoyed the coaching camp in the club.

Impressed with the talent

A number of new Juniors, Ladies and Men impressed me in the camp. All the players practiced various routines to improve Long Potting, Cue Ball Control, Break Building, Tactical and Safety Games. They all received the movies from the camp to study plus a new training plan.


I used all my academy training aids including my Blade Cue, 360 Cue, Chris Henry Balls, Master Doctor Kit, EBSA Coaching Balls and Lasers to develop better fundamentals.

Shachar plan

Shachar’s training camp was all about preparing him for next month’s EBSA Championship in Portugal plus checking his techniques, give him new routines to master and set new goals and targets for 2020/2021. Last year’s the EBSA Men’s Semi Finalist has really improved his Potting, Break Building Skills and Safety Game again this season.

New Program

Shachar’s new program will help him focus more on his solo training into playing the correct shots. Shachar got stronger and stronger each day. During the camp Shachar practiced my various academy routines to improve Concentration, Cue Ball Control, Break Building, and Tactical. He received all the movies to study of his playing techniques and action from the camp plus the new specific training program.

Shachar said '' I am delighted with the camp, PJ planned it again perfect and I feel great about my game after the camp. Pro player Eden Sharav arrived on the last day so I will now have quality practice partner ahead of the upcoming European Championships in Portugal.

Thank You

This success of the both camps delighted me and I would like to thank all the players for coming to the 147club for training. PJ said ’’ I would also like to thank Shachar for organising the camps. It was a pleasure training him again as his commitment was superb throughout the camp.  

I aso had a meeting with some of the EBSA Coaches in Israel and i am delighted to see them so motivated. The plans of ISPA will be fantastic in developing more juniors into the world of Snooker and Billiards. Shai Eisenberg from ISPA presented a set of '' The Chris Henry Balls '' to each coach on the night. 

Shachar will be monitored in his new program and I wish him good luck in next week's European Championships in Portugal where he will play in the Men’s and 6 Red Championships.

I would personally like to thank Dudi Eliau and his staff of the 147club, Shai Eisenberg, Shachar Ruberg and father Yair, Manager Albert and Anna for making my camps in Israel so enjoyable and something that I am very proud of.

Remember practice hard guys and enjoy it. well done to everyone!!!!

Austria Training Camp

My 147academy travelled to Vienna Austria this weekend to hold another Austrian Training Camp organised by the Austrian Billiards & Snooker Association to help prepare their players for the up coming European Championships in Portugal in March. 

The Players
Nine selected players were invited to the HSEBC Cue Sports Academy in Vienna with Florian Nüßle, Jérôme Liedtke. Mario Bodlos, Arif Hussaini, Florian Toth, Thomas Janzso and Paul Schopf plus leading Austrian International Billiard players Martin Schmidt and Markus Bauer attended training from 10am-6pm each day.

Training Plan
I again focused on their Match-Play, Technique and on the Mental Side of the game. I really feel the players are developing with every camp. I worked on improving their Technique, Break Building skills and Safety Games with Specific Academy Routines. 

All the players received videos from the coaching camp along with a copy of the new Mental Training booklet to work on during each training session at home.

Thank You
I would personally like again to thank the Austrian Association for inviting me to work with the National Team players and I am already booked in holding another five more camps in 2020. 

I would like to thank Austrian President and Sport Director Christian Fock plus National Coach Chau Zi Kim along with the HSEBC Academy for their assistance during this camp.

Good Luck
Finally, I would like to wish all the Austrian players the best of luck in the European Championships in Portugal next month. See you all in April and well done this weekend, it was a pleasure training you all and keep on training hard and preparing your best for each event. 

Auf Wiedersehen


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