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Salzburg Austria Camp

Last weekend my 147academy travelled to Salzburg in Austria to hold a two day snooker training camp on behalf of the Austrian Billiards & Snooker Association. 

This camp was held in the Billiard Leistungszentrum in Salzburg and featured Andreas Ploner, Florian Nüßle, Markus Pfistermüller and Christian Hochmayer who will compete for Austria in the 2017 World IBSF Snooker Championships in Qatar next month.  They were joined by Mario Bodlos, Oscar Charlesworth, Serbest Hussein, Jérôme Liedtke and Manuel Pomwenger at this camp.

  • Mental Training Session

The camp started off with the third of the two hour special mental training session by leading Mental Coach Dieter Simoncsics.  This is aimed at helping the players to become mentally stronger.

  • New Training Plan announced  

All the players received the new ABSA training booklet containing the new specific Technical, Mental, Scoring Power and Match-Play routines that will be used for the next six camps using the latest statistics to monitor each player by Austrian Coach Kim Chau Zi.

  • Technical Drills

On the Technical Drills it was Florian Nüßle who won with 46pts. Oscar Charlesworth was in second place with 38pts and Mario Bodlos was in third with 35pts.

  • Mental Drills

The Mental Drills was won by Andreas Ploner with 241pts with Florian Nüßle in second place with 201pts and Oscar Charlesworth in third place with 181pts.

  • Scoring Averages

Florian Nüßle won the break building averages with an incredible average of 108 with Oscar Charlesworth in second place with an average of 82 and Andreas Ploner was in third with an average of 62.

  • Match-Play Drills

Eight different versions of match-play event were held over the weekend and again it was Florian Nüßle who won with 520pts, Serbest Hussein finished in second place with 480pts and Andreas Ploner was in third with 420pts.

A total of 16 Centuries were made over the weekend with Austrian No.1 Florian Nüßle showing his class, he was in fantastic form with eight centuries making a 140 and 124 (Milkins Break), 104 (Selby Break), 124 and 118 (Walden Break), 128 and 100 (Maguire Break) and he had a 113 Clearance in a tournament match.

Oscar Charlesworth had three centuries with a 141 (Walden Break), 106 (Maguire Break) and 124 (Milkins Break). Andreas Ploner also had three centuries with a 112 (Day Break), 114 (Walden Break), and 107 (Milkins Break). Manuel Pomwenger had a 106 (Maguire Break) and Sebest Hussein had a 101 on the (Milkins Break).

Each player received a CD with videos from the camp along with sports psychology audio to help with their mind fitness and a copy of the new Austrian training plan.  A new ranking will be developed from the player’s homework training scores and this is hoped to motivate them even more to practice properly away from the camps.

  • Thank You

Local coaches Chau Zi Kim and Guenther Echhart were on hand to assist me and the players throughout the weekend and I would again like to say a big thank you to them and ABSA President and Sport Director Christian Fock for inviting me back to Austria to train the team.

We had some fantastic performances this weekend and I look forward to holding another camp in December to monitor the player’s improvement.  Finally I would like to wish the Austrian players good luck at the IBSF World Amateur Snooker Championships in November in Doha Qatar.


Snooker Camp in Italy

Last week my 147academy travelled to the city of Milan in Italy to hold another training camp in the beautiful Ambrosian Snooker Academy.  The camp was again organised by Davide Coltro who is the head EBSA Coach in Italy and the main developer of the sport of snooker within F.I.B.I.S. who are the National Governing Body of all Billiard sports in Italy.

New Training Program

This camp was held to focus on developing a new training program to help raise the standard and knowledge of snooker in Italy by training on specific shots, drills and situations that occur in frames and matches.  I designed the program focusing on four main areas, Technique, Scoring, Mental and Concentration. 

The players were also shown how to plan a session and to start making written records from their training so improvement can be measured with feedback from each session.

Develop good Fundamentals

The three day camp covered all aspects of the game from developing good fundamentals in their playing technique i.e. Approach, Stance, Grip, Bridge, and Cue Action.  I used the Master Doctor Kit to develop their approach of coming in on line of aim.  The players also practiced routines for Cue Ball Control, Safety Play and Shot Selection. Each player received a CD to study at home with the videos from the camp along with some of my 147academy PDF’s.

Honour to Coach in Italy

It was an honour to train the Italian players and see how passionate they were about wanting to learn about the game. Davide Coltro is very passionate in trying to develop snooker in Italy and it is a big honour for myself and my 147academy in helping to promote the game and hopefully producing top class Italian champions in the future.

Thank You

I would like to thank Davide Coltro for organising everything and making my stay in Milan so good and finally to all the players for training so hard and giving me 100% commitment throughout the camp. I look forward to the next camp in 2018 to monitor their progress. 

Austrian Camp Vienna

My 147academy travelled to the city of Vienna in Austria this weekend to hold my latest National Team Training Camp for the Austrian Billiards & Snooker Association in the HSEBC Cue Sports Academy.  This camp was focused on preparing the Austrian players for the 2017 IBSF World Snooker Championships which is being held in Qatar in November.

During this camp Markus Pfistermüller, Oskar Charlesworth, Florian Nüßle and Jerome Liedtke, Eloas Kapitany, Mario Bodlos, Sebest Hussein and Andreas Ploner attended both days from 10am – 6pm and all players were excellent and are improving each camp.

Mental Training Session

The camp started off with the second of the two hour special mental training session by leading Mental Coach Dieter Simoncsics.  This is aimed at helping the players to become mentally stronger.

New Training Plan designed

During the past six months I have been working alongside Austrian Coach Kim Chau Zi on a system of recording the player’s results during the last six camps and today the satistics were announced with superb results. 

All the players received a CD with videos from the camp along with the new training booklets containing the new specific Break Building Routines and shots and drills we will be using for the next chapter of the training plan. The new plan will begin at the next camp covering Technical, Mental, Scoring and Match-Play.

Winners at Camp

15 year old Florian Nüßle who is the current number won the Break Building challenge with a six superb breaks with Andreas Ploner winning both match-play challenges with great tactical snooker and Markus Pfistermüller again impressed with his long potting to win the long potting challenge.

World IBSF - Qatar

The Austrian men’s team for Qatar will be Florian Nüßle, Andreas Ploner and Markus Pfistermüller. In the Master’s event it will be Christian Hochmayer and Bernhard Müllner. I wish them all the success and I know they will enjoy playing in Qatar.

Thank You

I would like to thank Austrian B & S Sport Director Christian Fock and Kim Chau Zi for all his hard work and dedication on the stats for the camps and for his assistance throughout this training camp.  Finally I would like to thank all the players for their commitment and I really feel Austrian Snooker is getting stronger and stronger each camp.

Czech Republic - Třebíč Camp

Last week I had the pleasure of coaching a very talented 14 year old snooker player Jan Matějíček in Třebíč in the Czech Republic.  Jan has a beautiful new Star Table to practice on and I was very impressed with his attitude.  Each day he got stronger and stronger by learning the techniques and shots during the three day camp.

Camp Goal

My goal for the camp was to design a new training plan to help him improve and develop good fundamentals in his playing technique by using my Academy Alignment laser and Master Doctor Kit in achieving a good Address Position, Stance, Grip, Bridge and Cue Action.  The three main areas he needed improvement on 1. Technique, 2. Break Building and 3. Tactical. 

Each session was recorded and each technique was fine-tuned by watching the skill back on the laptop to help him develop it naturally.  He also received the DVD’s to study as I feel this is crucial in improving his technique.

I used my various 147academy training routines to improve his Cue Ball Control, Long Potting and Break Building.  I also focused on his tactical game as this is the one area that he needs to improve on through my new mini tactical games which will help him identify the shots to win more.

Fantastic Support

At present Jan has fantastic support on and off the table as in the city of Třebíč his grandfather Ján Chren runs a beautiful snooker academy called '' Arenia Snooker Academy '' which has five tables.  CLICK HIS WEB SITE

His grandfather has a great passion for the game and along with his mum Zuzana Matějíčková, he has the perfect team in helping him develop into a top International Snooker player.  It is a great honour to be asked to join the team in helping Jan achieve more success.

Future Plans

A superb Tournament plan is also in progress with plans for Jan to compete in various International Open events around Europe next season as he needs experience and match-practice against his class opponents which will help him to improve more. 

Thank You

I would like to thank Ján Chren for arranging the camp in his beautiful home in Třebíč and to Zuzana Matějíčková for being the best translator and best ever host. Finally, thank you Jan in training so hard during the camp and giving me 100% commitment.  I am already looking forward to seeing his improvement during the next camp in 2018.


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