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EBSA Coaching Course in Switzerland

On the 24th of January 2018, PJ Nolan who is head of EBSA Coaching travelled to Switzerland to train three coaches on behalf of the European Billiards & Snooker Association in becoming Official EBSA Snooker Coaches.

  • Coaching Course

This EBSA Coaching Course is only open to recognised coaches who are approved by their own National Governing Body and Switzerland Snooker nominated Urs Freitag, Franz Stähli and Daniel Meyer to attend this training course which was held in the beautiful Pot Belly’s Snooker Club in Adiswil, Switzerland which is owned by former professional player Darren Paris.

PJ said '' It was an honour to give the course and train and qualify the three Swiss coaches. All three are passionate about the game and the new structure will help the coaches grow and promote the game more in Switzerland. In Urs Freitag they have a Swiss National Coach who has already guided Alexander Ursenbacher on lifting the European Title last year ''.

  • Syllabus

The EBSA Snooker Coaching syllabus includes a practical exam as well as verbal and written exams covering all the techniques and skills of coaching the game of snooker. This Coaching course in Switzerland covered all aspects of the game from Planning Sessions, Designing Routines, Role of a Coach, Sports Psychology, Rules of the Game, Practice Exercises, Written Records, Safety Play, Shot Selection, Oral Assessment, Preparation for Match- Play, Physical and Mental Etiquette and on the final day they completed the EBSA coaching written exam. 

  • New Training Program

A new Swiss training program and manual in German has been developed to help the new coaches train and guide their players. The coaches will now begin their probation period where they will complete all the necessary assignments in Switzerland to graduate in becoming a fully accredited EBSA Coaches.

The EBSA will soon have fourteen countries consisting of forty two coaches with full EBSA accreditation promoting the game all around Europe which goes well for the future of the game.

  • Swiss Snooker

Swiss Snooker President Franz Stähli said ‘’ He was delighted to have PJ in Switzerland holding this EBSA course and he hopes it raises the standard of the game all across Switzerland ''.

Swiss National Coach Urs Freitag ‘’ said he was delighted with the content on the course and we now have a great structure to build up the game in Switzerland to produce more top class players in the future and he thanked PJ for coming and giving all his knowledge to the sport ''

Click - Swiss Snooker Web Site 

  • Thank You

PJ thanked Urs and Franz for organising everything and to Swiss Snooker for inviting him to do the course. He thanked Darren for the use of the club and wished the three new EBSA coaches the best of luck in developing their coaching skills and completing their homework assignments in graduating as full EBSA Coaches later this year.

  • Next EBSA Course

Two more EBSA Coaching Courses with 10 coaches will be held next week in Sofia, Bulgaria at the European Championships to hopefully qualify more European Coaches and help all the European countries grow their games all across Europe.

  • Become A EBSA Coach?

If you would like to become an Official EBSA Coach you need to contact your own National Governing Body in writing and request them to officially contact Maxime Cassis in the EBSA nominating you to do the course as only nominated NGB coaches can do the EBSA course.  

Full details are on www.ebsa.tv web site. 

Camp in Czech Repiblic

Last week I had the pleasure to return to the city of Třebíč in the Czech Republic to hold another training camp for 14 year old Jan Matějíček.  Jan represents the Czech Republic in next month’s European Under 18 and Under 21 Snooker Championships in Bulgaria.

  • Improvement Since Last Camp

I was very impressed with his overall improvement in his Address Position, Stance, Grip, Bridge, Cue Action and Break Building since the last camp. The aim for this training camp was to prepare him for the European Championships and develop a new training plan to practice.

  • Support

Jan has a superb Star Table to practice on and his attitude again was amazing in wanting to learn and listen. He is motivated and encouraged by his grandfather Ján Chren who has a snooker academy in Třebíč and great support from his mum Zuzana Matějíčková. I used my 147academy routines to improve his Technique, Cue Ball Control, and Break Building.  I focused again on his tactical game through mini tactical games which will help him identify the shots he needs to win more.

  • Training Plan

The new training plan contains three main areas to improve : 1. Technique, 2. Mental, 3. Tactical.  Each session during the camp was recorded and fine-tuned. He received the DVD’s to study as I feel this is crucial in improving his overall game.

  • Thank You

I would like to thank Ján and Zuzana for arranging the camp and inviting me back to his beautiful home in Třebíč.  I wish Honzink all the success in the EBSA European Championships in Sofia next month and the five year plan begins in developing him into a top class International player over the next few years.  Finally it was great honour to be asked back to help Jan improve his game and I was so proud of the way he has trained and I could not have asked for anything more from very special people in Třebíč. 

147academy PDF's

If you are looking for that perfect present for any Snooker or Pool player you can download the PJ Nolan 147academy training PDF’s direct to a mobile phone or tablet to help the player improve their training sessions for only $10.00 (Approx €9.45 euro).


After you purchase the PDF using any bank visa or debit card, an email is sent with a link to download and the Full 147academy PDF series available is Break Building Routines for Professional, International and National levels. Long Potting, Safety & Match-Play, Junior Level, Hot Shots Game, Learning Game, Ladies and 8 Ball Pool.

Each 50 page PDF contains 32 of PJ’s Specific Practice routines, Academy mind sets to help you improve the mental side of your game, Advice on Fitness, Nutrition and Relaxation. Advice on how to replace a Cue Tip, Choose the right cue, plus Technical Advice on how to play your best snooker or pool.

To purchase A PDF just:

  1. Click on Buy Now
  2. It will then re-direct you to our PayPal order page where you can pay using either your PayPal account or via your Credit Card

3.Once payment is confirmed you will be re-directed to the download page where you simply click on the download link. NB. Please wait 5-10 seconds for the confirmation to appear before leaving the page

  1. You will also be sent a confirmation e-mail with the same link. 
  2. Once you click the link the download will start and download the PDF to your computer or device. (Check the download folder on your PC or Tablet)

Any problems with downloads email PJ on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Vienna Coaching Camp

Last weekend my 147academy travelled to Austria to hold a two day snooker training camp on behalf of the Austrian Billiards & Snooker Association in the HSEBC Cue Sports Academy in Vienna.  Eight players were selected to attend with Mario Bodlos, Oscar Charlesworth, Serbest Hussein, Jérôme Liedtke, Florian Nüßle, Philipp Koch, Elias Kapitany and Manuel Pomwenger at this training camp.

The ABSA training program containing specific Technical, Mental, Scoring Power and Match-Play Drills are becoming very popular and using the latest statistics to monitor each player by Austrian Coach Kim Chau Zi is keeping the players very focused.

  • Technical Drills

On the Technical Drills it was Florian Nüßle who performed excellent in the recent World Championships achieved 60pts to win the event, with Philipp Koch in second with 54pts and Oscar Charlesworth in third with 51pts.

  • Mental Drills

The Mental Drills was won by Florian Nüßle with a superb score of 411pts with Oscar Charlesworth in second place with 324pts and Mario Bodlos in third place with 327pts.

  • Match-Play Drills

Seven different versions of match-play events were held over the weekend and again it was Florian Nüßle who won it with 620pts with Oscar Charlesworth in second place with 430pts and Elias Kapitany in third place with 350pts.

  • Scoring Drills

Florian Nüßle made it a clean sweep of wins at the camp when he won the Scoring event with 636pts which included breaks of a top breaks of 140 and 135 on the Academy Maguire Break. Manuel Pomwenger was in second place with 393pts and Oscar Charlesworth in third place with 388pts

  • Top Breaks

Florian Nüßle was in fantastic form making a 140, 135 104 and 92 (Maguire Break), 92 (Walden) 97 (Star) 86 (Davis) 84 (Milkins). Oscar Charlesworth had a fantastic century with a 102 (Walden Break) and Philipp Koch made his first century at a camp with a superb 106 (Walden Break)

Each player received a DVD with videos from the camp along with sports psychology exercise to help with their mind fitness along with a copy of the new Austrian training plan.  We had some fantastic performances this weekend and I look forward to holding another camp in March to monitor the player’s improvement.

  • Thank You

Local coaches Chau Zi Kim and Guenther Echhart were on hand to assist me and the players throughout the weekend and I would again like to say a big thank you to them and ABSA President and Sport Director Christian Fock for inviting me back to Austria to train the team again.

  • Major Success for Austria

At the recent World IBSF Snooker Championships in Qatar, Austria achieved their best ever result when 15 year old Florian Nüßle from Salzburg reached the semi-finals losing to eventual winner Pankaj Advani from India.  I hope this encourages more players in Austria to believe in themselves to achieve good results on the International stage.

I am so proud of the way Florian practices and listens. It has been an honour to work for the Austrian Association and Florian for the past 5 years and I believe this is only the start of even bigger things in the future for Florian and for Austrian Snooker. 

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